A Porcupine's Quill

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ISBN: 9781457536045
28 pages

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Adventure and curiosities are everywhere. Be inspired and capture the essence of joy in exploring nature with vivid descriptions, photos, and artwork. Be whisked away on a childhood journey, by climbing trees, discovering wildlife, drinking in the incredible beauty of the Deschutes River Canyon, and running wild with curiosity in our beautiful world. A Porcupine’s Quill brings our natural world to life through drawings by the author’s 12-year-old daughter paired with photos of places and creatures.


About Adria Cannon

As time passed, I found more quills, always in my Willow tree. After all these years, I have kept these quills safe, always having them close to me. The quills represent the pure joy of discovery, a joy I carry with me to this day. They remind me when my only challenge in life, seemingly insurmountable, was to scramble up a Willow tree.



The leap from the top step of my bus to the pavement wasn’t that vast, especially compared to all the other distances I had jumped. But today’s was particularly jarring. The shock traveled up through my body like electricity, the current tingling its way through my every joint. My backpack had just enough weight to drive my body down solidly. I hardly noticed the jolt today, though.


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